Monday, April 14, 2014

Phone-slash-camera fun....

Even though the picture quality isn't that great, my old-school cell phone comes in pretty handy sometimes.

Like today, when the sky looked really neat on my drive into Red Deer:

Interesting contrail patterns.

Or on Saturday evening, when I spent some time getting into a little trouble with my besties:

Nothing but laughs!
Oh and a bit of wine too....

Or any day, when I'm enroute to or from the Rockies:

More snow this past weekend!

Anyway, at some point I'm sure I'll upgrade to one of the bigger, better cellular models and it will eliminate my need for a camera altogether. But for now, I kind of enjoy the retro-ish feel I get with my phone's minimal picture-taking capabilities. Fun!


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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...hard to believe you are in passion of an OLD phone,,,touring around so much that you have NO TIME TO UP-GRADE lol..any ways it still provides a fair picture,,now is it back to work for days and time to rest..?? cheerio love ya lots ,,dunkster,,,