Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chasing the Sun

Yesterday, the trend of 'fabulous fall' continued. It was socked-in rain in Canmore when we woke up, so we decided to load our packs and butts into the 4-Runner and head west. Bow Lake was where we finally outran the clouds, and the day turned out to be spectacular!


I had an incredibly awesome week off, and now I'm prepping myself for my new job - which starts in less than 24 hours. Aaaaack! I'm nervous and excited and wonder what the heck I've gotten myself into, all at the same time. However, change is good, and I welcome the challenge. Plus I'll get to spend three days every week in my favorite place, enjoying my favorite things! Yeah!


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Anonymous said...

I left a comment last nite but somehow it never appeared,,,,so,, GOOD LUCK IN YOUR NEW POSITION.. YOU WILL DO WELL we are very proud of you love ya lots,,cheerio mom and dunkster....