Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Funday!

Aaaand.... we got in one more thrashing of the skis today! Sunshine is still in dire need of snow - the rocks abound, and my new Volkls have suffered the wrath - but really, I shouldn't complain. Any day on the hill is a great day!

The morning started out overcast and a bit glum, but it didn't take long for the greyish sky to give way to the hill's namesake. The view from the top of Divide was nothing short of stellar. Check out the neat clouds in the valley!

Mt Assiniboine was visible above the clouds! Too cool.

A chilly but beauty day!

So that's the end of our ski fun for a few weeks. Hopefully the mountains will get some snow, while we are away down south enjoying the "other" white stuff! Sand and surf, here we come!


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