Thursday, January 1, 2015

Two Zero One Five

Another year has come and gone. *SIGH*  Can you believe it? All in all though, I thought 2014 was a pretty darn good set of 365 sleeps - it just went by way too fast, as per usual!

Lucky for me, my last few weeks of 2014 were spent in the mountains. The winter has been incredibly mild thus far, and we did some hiking, dogsledding, and snowshoeing. Yep, you read that right. How's that for mixing things up a bit?

Ha Ling trail was not too bad going up,
but the descent was wicked slippery!

Rundle reflection.

A day at the classic Lake Louise.

Ice, ice, baby!

The posse!

Awww! Look at the poochies!

What a great afternoon!

Dogsledding was a new experience for me, and I have to say it was very cool! I didn't know what to expect - I thought perhaps we'd simply hop on the sled and mush away. However, what I learned was that the animals are unbelievably strong, not to mention super friendly and social. We were given the opportunity to harness up the dogs, give them treats and water, and be as interactive with them as we liked. Too fun!

Another new experience for me was snowshoeing. I've been out on trails plenty in the winter, in just my boots, and as people have clomp-clomped their way past me on the silly contraptions, I've always thought "Ugh, how awkward". I've even seen people walking along snowy paths, carrying their snowshoes, and again I've laughed to myself and thought "Oh, you poor bastards".... On Tuesday though, my opinion of the footwear took a 180 degree turn. We snowshoed up to Chester Lake and had a helluva good time doing so! I quite liked it!

We started out all bundled up in -19C... Brrrr!

The sun helped warm us up!

What a backdrop!

Chester Lake

Mmmmm beer!

Cool sky - some weather was rolling in for sure.

The snowshoeing day was fantastic and I am considering buying a set - it is a fabulous activity for really cold days!

Tomorrow, it's back to our typical winter outdoor activity... We're heading to Sunshine for our first ski outing of the season. I can't wait! Aside from the fact that it will likely be packed with peeps, I'm excited for some downhill time.

Well, hopefully everybody had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year - I sure did! And all the best to each and every one of you as the 2015 ball starts rolling.


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Anonymous said...

I see you are starting the new year off on doing new outdoor activities the dog sledding sounds interesting as well as snow shoeing VERY NICE ,,too bad work interfears with your recreation time lol ,,but work is a necessary evil ,,,cheerio for now,,love ya lots,,dunkster ,,,