Sunday, February 22, 2015

Shreddin' at Sunshine....

Saturday was a wicked-good day at the hill - Lindsay came to Sunshine with us! She took a snowboarding lesson and is well on her way to shreddin' the gnar. According to Urban Dictionary, that's a phrase that "can be used to describe any action in which you do something awesome to the extreme", and "to shred the gnar originated in the early days of skateboarding, but gnar shredding has become popular for many 'extreme sports' including skiing and snowboarding".

Lindsay shows her instructor how it's done!

Gnar-shredder to be!

A well-deserved lunch break.

Dad and daughter on the slopes.


The season is still young, and I'm looking forward to having Lindsay join us as often as she can! It was so great to hang out with her, she did fantastic, and I have no doubt that it won't be long before we can't keep up with her.....

This will be Lindsay some day!
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Happy shredding everybody!


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Anonymous said...

that is very interesting ,,very informative about snow ,,boarding ,looks to be lovely day for outdoor fun the way the weather has been ,there might not be an extended time this year for skiing ;;cheerio for now love ya lots ,,dunkster,,,,,