Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring ahead!

Daylight savings time. A concept I've never really understood, and one I've never been a fan of. But, as per some sunlight-equalizing ritual which was created who knows when, tonight I will set my clocks ahead an hour. And no doubt I will curse when 6:00am comes around - because it is actually 7:00am and that's what time I have to get up to go skiing.

Speaking of skiing.... Today we skied at Sunshine, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The conditions are marginal, similar to most ski hills in Alberta and BC - fresh snow is scarce and unseasonably warm temperatures are quickly depleting the snow pack. However, we were still able to find some areas with decent coverage and had a great day!

We spent a few hours in 'The Dive' today!

Since the skiing itself wasn't exactly stellar, the atmosphere of Trapper's Lodge easily sucked us in today and kept us entertained longer than it usually does. We (and by we I really mean I) enjoyed a few too many runs down 'Delirium Dive' (see the pic, above).... and when we finally peeled ourselves from our barstools a couple of hours later, I had some seriously interesting real-life runs... Note to self: Ten rum'n'cokes with lunch is about nine too many, especially when you're at the top of Goat's Eye.... Oy.

In the end, I was just fine. We skied until the lifts closed, and the plan now is to eat/sleep/repeat. Can't wait!

Set your clocks ahead people!



Anonymous said...

today will be 1 hr less rum time so you should be OK ,,good thing you are a good reader ,so you know where the rest and refresh area is,!! good thing you have a great and responsible chauffer,,,have fun guys,,,dunkster ....

Alexandra said...

We snowshoed Sunshine Meadows while you were skiing. We noticed Goats Eye slopes and wondered how on earth does one even ski down a slope that is straight up and down!