Sunday, March 15, 2015

Roar!! Ummm, NOT....

You're probably familiar with the saying about March "In like a lion, out like a lamb..."  Well, this year the infamous month definitely came in without any roar whatsoever, and it has been staying that way, somewhat to the skier-in-me's dismay. Last weekend, we did get a couple of days in at the hill, but the conditions were less than ideal. My last post was from Saturday... Here are a few pics from Sunday...

Check out Chris's new boots!

Mt Assiniboine in rare full view!

Lovin' the sunshine! Just need MORE SNOW!

I get regular automated snow reports via email, and this morning I learned that 10-12cm had fallen overnight at Sunshine and Lake Louise. We however, are not in the mountains at the moment. D'oh! We should have been though, as it would have saved me a large chunk of change! LOL! You see, I am in the market for a motorcycle, and since I had some time on my hands these last three days, I ended up at the local Harley Davidson dealership.... and subsequently with a new set of wheels.

Yes people, that right there is yours truly, sitting on my new Fat Boy Low. Denim black. Mmmmmm. I pick it up as soon as..... the snow is all gone! Now how's that for a paradox! Hee hee.... I want it to snow, but I don't want it to snow.... Jeesh.... Either way - I have such fun stuff to look forward to!


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Anonymous said...

Hmmm.VERY NICE PURCHASE ,,will probably give more use than skis at this time of year,,I think this year will have lots of great riding weather well into the fall,,, enjoy when the gravel is cleaned up it will run quite well on highways #11 ,2, 36 ,9 ,and 1 east ,, to MH,lol,,LOVE YA LOTS ,,,dunkster,,,,,,