Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The days of May.....

Another Victoria Day Weekend has come and gone. *SIGH* Where does the time go, dammit!

The May Long weather, while not the typical full-on blizzard we usually experience in Alberta, was nothing to write home about. So we packed up and headed west.... as in 'Shuswap Lake' west..... What a fantastic time we had!

My favorite person!

My favorite place! We spent a night in Canmore
and enjoyed supper and a nice cold beer on a patio.

Somebody's excited about being at his favorite place!

A little bit of rain meant some cribbage was played in the gazebo.

And.... that looks like a pants-down
skunking if I've ever seen one!

Can you guess who the winner was not?

The sun did eventually come back, and we took a fun
boat ride down another arm of the lake to visit some friends.

Such great people! Thanks Brenda and Mark for the amazing
hospitality. And Maureen, it was fabulous to see you after all these years!

We didn't end up doing the midnight run like we did after the
last trip to Anglemont.... but she was pretty dusky by the time
we got back to the cabin. 

Of course the days went by far too quickly, but it was awesome to get away. Not sure when the next excursion will be, but I can't wait! Hope everybody is safe and happy!


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Anonymous said...

very relaxing time good way to spend a long weekend NOW ,,,back to the grind,, lol,,till next week end ,,,such a life you two leed,, love you guys lots ,,,dunkster,,