Saturday, May 23, 2015

For Gradness Sakes!

Yesterday was a HUGE milestone for some very important peeps in my world....  Chris's youngest offspring - beautiful twin girls - graduated from high school.

Kristen and Lindsay are two very cool young adults (they turned 18 just a week ago), and their spunky attitudes and kind-hearted nature make me proud to be part of their lives.



Sisters! Proud big sis Nichole is in the middle.

The dinner and ceremony were classy and fun, and of course all of the girls looked stunning and the boys looked incredibly handsome. What an evening! Congratulations to Lindsay and Kristen and to all of the other graduates of 2015.

Today, Chris and I enjoyed the fantastic weather by putting a few hundred k on our bikes. EnviroCan is promising the same for tomorrow, and for pretty much all week by the looks of it, so hopefully we'll be able to hit the open road again soon!



Paticiaann Barden. said...

Hi Cheryl, I was cruising looking at photos, and found yours. I have a yen to return to Canada, especially the west coast, I am a photographer by hobby, and want to do snow and ice, Can you tell me when you took the photos up Johnson Canyon, of the waterfall frozen...its amazing. What would you consider the snowiest time, for that area, consider that I am 70 with bi lateral knee replacements, but still dont want to slow down on the photography. I have never had the opportunity to photography snow shots.

Pat Barden from Mornington Peninsula just outside of Melbourne

Cheryle said...

Hi Pat!
Thanks for your comment!
I took those pics at Johnson Canyon in February, and I would say that February/March are typically our snowiest months in the Rockies.
With ice cleats and a hiking pole, Johnson Canyon is definitely accessible and would be an area you'd enjoy photographing.
Cheers to you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice graduation pictures the girls have any plans for the near ture ? ,,you and Chris will be quite busy near the end of June AND FIRST PART OF jULY ..WHAT TYPE OF RENTER WILL YOU BE LOOKING FOR is the rental situation in Red Deer ? well good luck with your moving project,,love ya both,,,dunkster ....