Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Good times with the Fatboy Lo!

It's almost time for me to take the Fatty - maybe that should that be with a 'Ph'? Ha ha! - in for its first service. I've been riding it to work, plus we were out for an awesome ride on Sunday, and my odometer reads nearly 1500 km now.

Shining up the trusty steeds.

Gorgeous day out west!

It's always a good idea to stop for a beer!

The weather is still forecasted to be lovely on Friday, and I'm looking forward to joining the biker gang from work on a day-tour.

What I am looking even more forward to however, is my Sista's upcoming visit! Heather will be in the house on Saturday - can't wait!! We'll be jetting out to Canmore to hang in the mountains for a few days.... Love it....  Love my life!!


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Anonymous said...

Have a great time with your sister while in Canmore your bike sure is a good looking machine, have fun love ya lots dunkster....