Monday, September 28, 2015

The Power of H2O

Canyons and waterfalls are just a few of nature's amazing creations. And this past weekend, we checked out both, when Chris's parents joined us for a couple of beauty days in the mountains. On Saturday (which was Larry's birthday!), we hiked up into the very cool Grotto Canyon.

Woot! Outside time with the fam!

Interesting 'view' from the trail.... Not exactly
a natural formation!

Flood-damaged creek bed. Wow.

Gorgeous fall colors!

Can you see the hieroglyphics?

Talk about getting some good air!

Grotto Pond

Sunday wasn't actually a 'sun' day.... but it was great nonetheless. We toured out to Takakkaw Falls and enjoyed a nice stroll along the Yoho River.

254m tall.... Awesome!

The lovely Yoho Valley.

It was a fantastic weekend - thanks so much for the company Sandy and Larry - and my fingers are crossed that it wasn't the last time we'll get out hiking before the snow flies! Here's to an Indian Summer! Yahoooo!



Anonymous said...

great pictures Cheryle...looks like it was nice weather too. Love you momma ...ha ha I beat the Dunkster.

Anonymous said...

Super nice pictures,,,never seen the canyons or the falls before,,,,,you folks covered a lot of trails in a short time..thanks for posting ALLthe pics,,,,cheerio for now love ya lots dunkster