Friday, October 2, 2015

5000 kilometres!

The odometer on the Fatty rolled over the 5000km mark today! Woot! How fun! This milestone was achieved on what might very well be the last chance for a ride this season - I tagged along with Jacki and Terry and we took the scenic route out to Spruceview this afternoon.

Terry's fixing his hair and Mike is bee-lining out of the pic....

Beauty day to be on the bikes!

I've had many great days on the open road this summer, and it will be sad faces all around when the bikes go into hibernation..... But you just never know - this is Alberta after all! I could still be posting motorcycle pics this time next month!

Toni and I toured out around Stettler a few weeks ago.

Me and my bestie!

5000+ fantastically fun kilometres so far....
Did I mention that I love my Fatboy!

Even though I ride a Harley, I'm going to wish for an Indian Summer. Is that wrong? LOL! Get it?? "Indian" motorcycles.... LOL!

Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

CAREFUL keep the riding up and you will be miled out and looking for new wheels lol,lolo,, however weather has been very nice for riding as always nice pics love ta lots dunkster....