Friday, October 16, 2015

Rocks and Renos

"Everybody's workin' for the weekend...." That Loverboy tune is playing in my head while I write this, as I am thinking about how to describe what we did during this past Thanksgiving long weekend!

Chris and I made the trek out to Shuswap Lake, where several of the Cooke boys gathered and put their renovating skills to good use. The medium cabin needed new flooring, and as per how these types of projects usually go, it required way more effort than originally anticipated. Fortunately, many helping hands made the work go smoothly, and the end result was fabulous!

Under protest, Chris stopped the truck
on the drive out so we could stretch our
legs at a place called the Rockgarden.

I think he actually ended up enjoying the 15 minute stroll!

There were some very cool random boulders.

The whole area was really neat!

Now, the fun begins!

Everything was moved out of the cabin, onto the deck, and the
boys geared up for the demolition job.

By the end of day one, the three layers of linoleum
and rotten sub-floor are almost gone!

Day two sees the new sub-floor being put in - looking good!

Well-deserved beer break!
(We took many of these - LOL!)

Can you tell who the supervisor is in this group? Haha!

Isn't he just the cutest, most smiley helper around!

By the end of day two, we have the finished product!

Fifty years of flooring.

My job was to destroy the evidence....

Let me clarify: We only burnt the garbage
wood, NOT the old lino!

 I love playing with fire.... from a distance that is!

Whew! That was a lot of work! Now for some chill time....

.....and story time.

Look at this little sweetheart!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A view that never gets old!

The time finally came for all of us to pile into the
boat and head back to the real world.

It's always much easier leaving on a rainy day,
rather than on a sunny one!

So the turkey-lurkey weekend project was a success! And amongst all of the hard work, we had so many laughs and enjoyed such great company. Now the cabin is closed up for the winter, and it's ready to rock for next season - I can't wait to get back there!

Thanks again for the fun (as always!) Sandy & Larry, Lorelee & Randy, Lynne & Shane, and of course little Alex and Evelyn. Good times!


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Anonymous said...

Nice job on the floor..looks like you had a nice weekend to do this you say it will be nice to begin next season with the new it is back to work for a work slowing down at all ?...cheerio for now love you guys lots ...dunkster...