Sunday, October 18, 2015

Artsy fartsy......

Today, I learned that I am NOT an artist. But it sure was fun to try!

Seven girlfriends and I spent the afternoon at a cool little art studio downtown, with an absolutely amazing painter who tried her darnedest to teach us a thing or two about oil painting. The lesson was not completely lost on the group however, but I think most of us did leave there happy to have a day job.... LOL!

Arty Party - great fun!

Sam brought snacks! Kathy brought wine!!

A private party is the way to go.... notice how
Kathy is enjoying wine, while the rest of us are hard at it!

My version of 'Hydrangeas'. Oy.

Nice work ladies!

All in all, it was a super fun couple of hours and I would definitely love to do it again!



Anonymous said...

I think you girls did an awesome job....that would be fun (to watch that is).
have a great week e

Anonymous said...

Well you have to try these things ,,,lookslike it was a great lesson,,lol..still a great way to socialize and enjoy the day with freinds now back to your day job,,maybe it is not as bad as it appeared at times,,,lol,,love ya lots ,,dunkster,,,,