Friday, November 6, 2015

Seventy Two Hours

Viva Las Vegas! Last weekend, I joined several friends in Sin City for a birthday celebration. And what a weekend it was! The fun began about an hour after we got off the plane, and it didn't let up until we hit the airport for the return trip. Good times!

This... was like no place I've ever been... Google it! LOL!

After the Rhino, we made a stop at the 'Big Apple'.

One of us was lost, but then she was found.... Eulah had a few hours
straight out of "The Hangover", but by breakfast the next day, it was all good!

NHRA! We watched the funny cars and dragsters - too cool!

And did I mention it was LOUD! The sound was crazy!

Lucky us! Rubbing shoulders and hanging out in
the pits with the SynOil Racing crew.

Of course the shows in Vegas are always amazing!
We saw La Reve - I highly recommend it!

And then.... there's the Grand Canyon.

We went to the SkyWalk, at the west end
of the Grand Canyon - well worth the trip!


View from the Stratosphere.

Insane ride on the TOP of the Stratosphere!

Sky Jump.... 855 feet of pure lunacy!
That's Dwayne, by the way!!

The birthday boy is in the bunny hat.
In case you're wondering, it was Hallowe'en!

We took in the Hallowe'en festivities on
the ridiculously busy Freemont Street....
Check out my drink jug! 

Last but not least, we toured through the beautiful
Red Rocks National Conservation Area.

The getaway was a blast - I had soooooo much fun! And I apologize for not elaborating a bit more on the events of the 72-hour whirlwind, but you know what they say about what happens in Vegas.... LOL!


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Whirl wind is a good description of your time in on all your ventures you make the most of your available time,,,thanks for posting,,love ya lots ,,dunkster,,,