Saturday, January 23, 2016


The last couple of weeks have given me a few different things to write about - none of which are really earth shattering mind you, but.... still entertaining!

First off - the fun stuff! We got out for some skiing and some winter hiking, as the Rockies are finally getting a bit of snow.

This is the debris net which has been installed in
Cougar Creek, post 2013 flooding. Looks like
someone is heeding the warning signs hey! Tsk.

Beauty day!

Everybody JUMP!

Check out the fog in Simpson Valley!

There are Wi-Fi hot spots all over Sunshine now!
I could have texted this pic to you all! Haha.

Secondly - more fun stuff! Last week, my unit work team (from work of course!) had a teambuilding day - at a great place called the Cooking Room. What a fab way to spend the day!

Thirteen of us collaborated on an amazing lunch of
homemade pizza, tomato basil bisque, and arugula salad.

We did also do some work... however after this
feast, we were all moving a little more slowly....

And thirdly - yes, even more fun stuff! In December, I put a silent auction bid on a painting of an incredibly beautiful polar bear, and just before Christmas I received a phone call that mine was the winning bid! Woot! It is breathtaking, and it is by far the nicest piece of art I've ever owned.

It looks great in my den - check out
my new purple velour chairs too!

So January is two-thirds of the way done.... Oy.... Time just continues to buzz by! Things are going well thus far though, and I'm looking forward to doing more skiing and am planning to squeeze some traveling into the next few busy busy months. Where to, you ponder? Well stay tuned - I'll provide an update soon!


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Anonymous said...

my ,my, what a beutiful picture you won ,,and you have just the perfect place to display it ,,very exquisit,,,,,would look nice on your wall in the Canmore condo,,,but still very nice where you have it now,,,nice food deviation, at work looks veryt tasty,,,,cheerio for now love ya lots dunkster,,PS; be careful where you travel outside of america these days !!!!,,,,,,,