Sunday, January 31, 2016

The sound of music.....

I've always loved listening to music... especially when it is loud, clear, and has depth.... and I've always been appreciative of a great sound system. Like when I was in high school and spent my scholarship money, not on my education but on a Harman Kardon tuner, dual cassette deck (remember those??!) and a set of Polk speakers.

So it shouldn't be surprising that, when my trusty bookshelf CD player (which put out amazing sound for such a little rig by the way) cratered a few days ago, I did not hesitate to replace it with something much, much more grand.

Yamaha tuner and CD player, and
of course Polk Audio speakers.
More useful than a microwave I'd say!

I needed help retrieving the discs that
were stuck in the old unit....

Took a bit of work, but we got them out!

Should I instead have treated myself to some very important new appliances like a washer and dryer? Yup. But it's all about priorities. And I personally will never enjoy doing laundry in the same way that I relish listening to music, so for me the decision was a no-brainer! Woot! Rock on!!



Anonymous said...

well anyone who knows you, know you do love your music. I am not suprised that you got yourself the best. WAY TO GO GIRL !!!! by the way, were the cd's wrecked?
well, enjoy your you momma

Anonymous said...

looks much better than a micro wave alright...hope you enjoy the new equipment,,,,,cheerio for now,,,dunkster......