Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A weekend of love!

And of laughter! And of music!!

What a stellar Family Day long weekend I had! Four glorious days away from work... doing some minor home improvement projects.... and spending time with my besties.... It was truly nearly as righteous as being in the mountains!

Friday night, about ten of us went downtown to a groovy little speakeasy pub called Fratters, and we laughed our asses off at the two fabulous comedians!

Excellent comedy!

Saturday, I got a bit ambitious and decided to upgrade the light fixtures on the main floor of my townhouse. A selection was finally made, after I spent a good couple of hours driving the salespeople crazy in Red Deer Lighting....

Let there be light!

New tools for the job!

Oh, the irony!
Bought a screwdriver....

....needed a screwdriver to
get it out of the package!

Of course halogen bulbs are uber *BRIGHT*, so the follow-up project was installing dimmer switches on the said fixtures. Between Google and my good friend Lisa, nobody ended up electrocuted and there were no electrical fires. So far. Woot!

Sunday was a most unexpectedly wicked evening of live music - The Trews played at the Memorial Centre, and they put on an incredible show!

It was an eventful set of days off, and I loved every minute of it! Now it's a three-day slog until I get to do it all over again - only this time Canmore is on the agenda for the weekend. Righteous!!



Anonymous said...

I love your new lights, what a nice decision. Did you put them up? I have this feeling you did. Your townhouse looks so cozy & nice and well "put together".

Anonymous said...

Nice job of selecting and installing your new light fixtures..very smart looking,,,,there are some different entertainment venues in Red deer,,good you had an enjoyable break from work....cheerio for now ,,love ya lots ,dunkster...