Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring in my step!

Wha-whaaattt??? It's the spring solstice already? Well I shouldn't say 'already'.... It has seriously felt like things should be turning green for several weeks now. But the fact that we are nearly a quarter of the way through yet another year.... Yeeeesh.... Life - slow down! Please!!

So do you want to know what fun stuff I've been up to lately? Of course you do! It feels like all I do is work work work, but in between the hectic weeks at my job, here's what's been shakin':

Lisa and I got VIP tix to Ian Thornley....

Yes, that's a dirtbike! Chris finally did it.

Of course immediately, some
modifications were made.....

Green Beer Day was celebrated with these girlies!

Again... this view NEVER gets old!

Spring skiing is in full swing! Woot!

Between listening to live music and attending St. Patty's Day festivities and spending some quality time on the slopes, the month is flying by. Being that next weekend is Easter, I will get to end off March with a four-day break from the grind - which I'm so looking forward to! Talk about putting some spring in my step.... Woot! It's good to be me!


Bluebird day! The only 'cloud' in the sky is from our plant.

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