Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What the.....???

March twenty ninth. Good gawd. Where. Is. The time. Going?? Yikes!

Well at least I'm making the most of it! Work is pretty 'meh' anymore... so the extra-curricular activities are where it's at!

Freshly-tuned skis! Yesssss!

The trusty flask.... helps take the edge off! LOL!

What a backdrop! This will NEVER get old.

Trappers Lodge... it is definitely easy to get 'trapped' here...

Another stellar day, worthy of a toast!

Cool cloud formations!

In case you didn't notice, skiing has been on the agenda as of late. The conditions are unreal, so of course I am determined to hit the slopes as much as possible! Any time that I get to spend in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, is time that I cherish..... The fresh air, the views, the exercise, the people.... It all combines into a perfect mixture I call therapy. You should try it sometime!


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Anonymous said...

nice pictures as always, glad you stay on main slopes and no back country ventures you know it is always safe in the lodge bar except for a possible head problem later,,lol,,,love ya lots,, thanks for the post,,,dunkster....