Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cruisin' the prairies....

Well, this past weekend didn't quite pan out as planned, but weather wise it was an absolute beauty of a three day vacation, so I shall not gripe!

What was supposed to be 72 hours of mountain enjoyment ended up being almost equal parts of work and play, with the 'play' part being the most important of course!

My bestie Toni was keen to get out for a motorcycle ride, and we all know that I don't need my arm twisted for that... so the lovely, sunny Sunday was spent on two wheels, cruising the countryside out east of Red Deer.

Toni's first experience in Big Valley!

Tollman Bridge

We did the Stettler / Big Valley / Trochu loop, and it was fantastic to be outside and share such a great day with a couple of my favorite peeps!

Tomorrow it is back to the grind... Oy, how come the days off always go by so much faster than the days on?? Tsk.


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