Monday, August 15, 2016

Just can't get enough!

Another summer holiday is over - fifteen days of Shuswap goodness, went by in the blink of an eye. Boooo. But what a great time it was! Between the water sports and land shenanigans, the vacation was non-stop laughs and drinks and fun with a variety of incredible family and friends.

On the road!

A bit rainy when we left Red Deer....

....but it was all sun by the time we rolled
past my favorite mountain.

Nichole and Lindsay followed us out.

We're here!

A beauty sunset on the very first night!

A little piece of paradise right here folks!

Party on the pontoon boat.

For the first time in years, there was no fire ban - woot!

Grampa Norman

Captain Chris

Anstey Arm

I'm smiling, but I can't feel the bottom half of
my legs.... this creek is refreshing but ice cold!

Beautiful sandy beach at the end of Anstey Arm.

The girls tubed all the way back to the cabin.

Another fire... did I mention no fire ban?? Yippee!

The odd rain shower kept things fresh.

Antique boat show at Sicamous.

Lunch view from Moose Mulligans

Choo choooo! We played many,
many rounds of Mexican Train.

I did not win, ever. Pffffft.

Very important to stay hydrated in the heat and stuff.... LOL!

This is BEFORE we got spanked by Hyde Mountain.

Hyde Mountain

It was a perfect day to be on the course!

Check out the views!

A stellar day with stellar friends.


More touring on the pontoon boat.

Minor repairs were made to the beach stairs.

Norm supervises.

Getting ready for the big cement pour - LOL!

Between all of the kids and neighbors and visitors from back home, there was not one dull moment at Cooke Cove. A big shout out to Norm and Michelle for cruising us all around the lake on their fabulous pontoon boat, and also to Daron and Doug and their families for sharing their insanely cool surf boats with us. I'm sure we spent at least as much time in or on the water as we did on the beach! Such fantastic people, all of them!

Our last night at the cabin was extra special - we spent it with Chris's cousins Shane and Lynne, whom we haven't had a chance to catch up with since last year. The super adorable Alex and Evelyn have grown up so much, and it was nice to get to hang with them.

The cutest brother and sister duo on the planet, seriously!

There were some sad faces in the truck on the way home yesterday.... but it definitely wasn't the last big break from work I'll get this year, so that takes the sting out of it a little.

You see, the countdown is now on - 14-ish more weeks until I'm hoping to get some serious big mountain time in. Patagonia has been on my hit list for a long while, so that is on the December agenda if all of the stars line up just right!


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Anonymous said...

By all the varied pictures,,the holidawas certainly not boring and/or humdrum,,,weather looks very nice for the most part ,,antique boat show would be very interestihg,,now back to work for a rest,,,,cheerio for now love ya lots ,,thanks for texting when in sicamouse...dunkster....