Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another season done....

This past Thanksgiving marked the end of yet another fabulous season at Cooke Cove... Chris and I zipped to Shuswap Lake for an extra-long weekend, to enjoy one last blast of lake time and to help close up the cabin for the winter.

One of us is having fun, and the
other one, not so much??

Misty weather, the entire way.

One day, I will stop and take
a proper pic of this cute cabin....

On the lake! Woot!

Cooke Cove view.

Oy! First (and only) wound of the weekend.

Rain rain rain meant being creative with tarps!

The wood was a little damp... but at least no fire ban!

Finally got the fire burning.

Nothing better than a beach fire!

So much rain = tons of shrooms!

The Cookes!

Check out that park job.

My favorite Cooke!

You know the lake level is low when....

One last beverage before heading home.

The behemoth is beached for the winter.

The crew! Another great time at the lake.

The drive home.

Another Shuswap season is behind us....

The end of lake season is always a bit sad, but it means something else is just around the corner.... ski season! Yeah! Bring it!



Anonymous said...

awe the end of a season is sad, but you are always looking ahead. yes the winter season is just around the corner,and you are probably one of few who enjoy it.
have a good 'next season'. love you so much and miss you more. momma

Anonymous said...

it is sad to see the end of summer fun BUTyou are fortunate that you have a mountain retreat and you enjoy winter also..certainly is a nice summer place but you have a neat one also,,,love ya lots dunkster,,,,,