Sunday, October 2, 2016

We care!

I am extremely proud to work for a company that is so involved in the community and encourages its employees to make a difference. Every fall, my employer kicks it up a notch with its Central Alberta United Way campaign.... last year was a record year for Nova Chemicals Joffre Site, as we raised nearly three quarters of a million dollars for charitable organizations.... But not only are the contributions financial, they are in the form of volunteer work as well - we call them 'Days of Caring'. And last week I was incredibly fortunate, and humbled, to be part of a group of workers from my plant who donated some good ol' fashioned sweat labor to a place out west near Nordegg called Camp Alexo. The camp is amazing - it sees 400+ kids every summer, most of whom are troubled and are really in need of some outside time combined with care and positive attention.

Several different tasks were assigned to us, and I ended up spending the day on the crew that chopped piles and piles of firewood (the Woodchucks is what we affectionately dubbed ourselves!).

Team breakfast! Thanks everyone,
for partaking in the day!

Goin' to camp!

How much wood, can the Woodchucks chuck??!

Ta da! We figure we chopped at
least two cords, maybe closer to three.

And there were lots of bits and pieces too!

What a bunch of posers! LOL!

The Woodchucks

Everyone else had an equally productive, incident-free day, and we all came away a little dusty and tired but feeling good about our contribution to such an important cause.

Thanks again to Jacki, Rick, Jason, David, and Jared for making lumberjacking so much fun!


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Anonymous said...

great cause your crew worked for,,,,that looks like A LOT OF WOOD to split;;;;nice to help someone and beout in the fresh air.....nice pics love ya lots dunkster.....