Sunday, May 7, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!

Remember when we were kids, and as soon as spring rolled in and it was nice enough to be outside without a snow-suit on, how after school or on a Saturday morning, we'd hop on our bicycles and madly pedal around to all of our friends' houses? Maybe break for a few minutes and have a pic-a-pop before riding over to call on the next buddy, the bike gang growing in size as it moved through the neighborhood. We'd spend hours just cruising up and down the streets - practicing burnouts in the sandy gutters, attempting wheelies, stopping to say hello to old Mr. Miller as he eyed us up suspiciously while weeding his flowerbeds, or bugging one of our older siblings as they washed their vehicle in the driveway. If any of us had a spare quarter or two, we might even treat ourselves to some candy from the corner store. As long as we were home in time for supper, the liberty of riding was ours unconditionally. Life was good!

Now fast forward four decades or so.... Aside from dodging a spray of water from an irritated teenager's garden hose, and maybe not so much with the burnouts and wheelies, spending a day on my Harley is pretty much the adult equivalent of a ten-year-old's bicycle exploits, for me anyhow. Gallivanting from town to town, enjoying a cool beverage at each stop in the company of fellow riders, sharing laughs and stories on a sunny patio.... the freedom of being on my bike just never gets old! This past weekend offered up several kilometers of lovely riding with great friends. It was the first time out this season, and coincidentally it was my birthday. How's my luck!

First stop - we picked up Jacki.

Happy Birthday to me!

Second stop - Monkey Top

Third stop - Hooterville

Final stop - J-Bar-T

Friday was a gorgeous day - unusually warm, with lots of sunshine! We couldn't have asked for better riding weather. And after birthday partying it up with another group of friends later that same evening, we did it all again on Saturday.

Not only did I get myself some serious wind therapy this weekend, I also got some new bling for the FatBoy Lo. I am learning that the accessories available for a bike are truly never-ending - I used to laugh when someone told me that the cheap part is purchasing the bike - and I don't have much for self-restraint when it comes to personalizing my ride. Here is the latest addition (I replaced the stock mirrors):

I surpassed the 10,000km mark on my motorcycle on Saturday, and what a fabulous ten thousand K they have been! I am excited to click the odometer through the next 10,000.... Too bad we didn't have odometers on our pedal bikes way back when, hey! I'd be curious to know how many miles I've logged in my lifetime on two wheels. Life is good!


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