Monday, May 29, 2017

The Days of May

It's almost too good to be true.... three fine, fine weekends, in a row, in May.... including May Long.... What... is going on?? Wow! Anyway, I am not complaining, believe me - I am simply in awe of this rarely experienced phenomenon. And I have definitely been taking advantage of it!

On my post-birthday weekend I went to Medicine Hat, to visit my parents as well as one of my besties. For a solid 48 hours I alternated between playing cards with my Mom and Dad and scrubbing floors in Jynelle's beautiful old house. Sounds like an odd combination of activities I know, but it was fabulous!

Springtime on the prairies.

It's bug season! Ewwww.

The homestead.

The Parents. My Mom is still being
cordial to me at this point.....

I'm seldom on the winning side of the table, so
this was a nice way to end the evening!

Elinor however, had something to say
about my victory.... which I may or may not
have made a big deal about.... LOL!

So the card game was where I had to use my brain, and Jynelle's house, was where I had to use my brawn. She is giving the place a nice facelift and I contributed some elbow grease to the cause.

One room down....

....and a few more to go!

Quality time with my BFF!

The long weekend ended up being mostly chill, however I did venture out to Siffleur Falls one of the days, which I've blown past a hundred times on my way to the mountains but never stopped. What a more than pleasantly surprising trail!

Beautiful canyon!

Amazing water color!

The crocuses are out.

Cool view.

More great landscape.

Right after the holiday Monday, my plant started into a shutdown. The first full-tilt week of ripping and tearing was capped off nicely for me by some more incredible outside time. The weekend weather was stellar, both days, and I clocked about 25km on trails around Canmore.

Overall, the month of May has been excellent! And I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is NOT all that we get for summer.... LOL!


Hiking - Siffleur Falls
Time (car to car): 3-1/2 hrs
Distance: 12.0km (hiked 2km beyond first falls)
Elevation Gain: 150m

Hiking - Ribbon Falls
Time (car to car): 5-1/2 hrs
Distance: 18.5km (hiked up to the chains)
Elevation Gain: 420m

Hiking - West Wind Pass
Time (car to car): 2 hrs
Distance: 4.5km
Elevation Gain: 360m

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