Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Places!

This past few weeks I've traveled from the high elevation Rocky Mountains to the sea level deep south, and back again. Now while that sounds somewhat exciting, part of the gallivanting was for work purposes - I spent roughly 72 hours in and around New Orleans learning some mad new skills.

Rural (swampy!) Louisiana

The French Quarter

My fave - a voodoo shop!

Bourbon Street

Just prior to my departure for Louisiana, I lucked out and was able to zip up to Consolation Lakes on an almost crowd-free trail. If I do say so myself, this has got to be in the top five best bang-for-your-buck walks out there.

Best reward for effort in the Rockies!

Upon my return to our fair province, I immediately headed due west, where I explored the Abraham Lake area. I've read about and heard tell of several beautiful hikes in David Thompson Country, but I have yet to check many of them out. I figured that the combination of a long weekend and fabulous weather would render Kananaskis and the Bow Valley virtually inaccessible, unless of course I felt like battling for parking and path space with hundreds of other people. Which I didn't. And I was not disappointed in the least with the choice to avoid what is normally my favorite place.

No traffic!

Scenic hiking along Coral Canyon.

More canyon views.

Dreamy Coral Creek

See-forever vista from the trail up to Allstones Lake.

Allstones Lake

Another activity that I enjoyed more than I imagined I would was paddling along the Red Deer River. The flow rate is low and the waterway is moving fairly slow these days, but drifting along from Fort Normandeau to Three Mile Bend was a really great way to spend a warm afternoon.

*SIGH*  The more time I spend away from work, the more time I want to spend away from work.... Is that so wrong?? LOL! It was moderately challenging getting my carcass to my office this morning, but thankfully it is a short week - so just a few more sleeps and I will be free again. Yeah!



Anonymous said...

hmmm you really get around...so glad you had an exciting work trip. how many days in N'orleans? and what did you learn?
Give a call sometime, we always love to hear from you my love.
bye for now...momma

Anonymous said...

nice pics of your new hiking trails,,,,clearstone lake is REALLY spectacular,,,,new orleans is a different town is it not,,,,cheerio for now love ya lots dunkster,,,,,,,