Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doing the wind dance...

We're in South Padre Island, Texas... Todd arrived a few weeks ago and I got here Monday night - via Chicago O'Hare Int'l. Over the last few days, the weather has been amazing!! That is, if you like calm, hot, sunny days...! CALM is not a word we are friends with, actually. We are all anxiously waiting for a blustery 12-15 knots (at the very least), and so far it is not happening. Wind Guru says the forecast looks better for tomorrow however, so hopefully we'll get out riding in the afternoon.
We're sharing a house with fellow Canucks Renee and Sheldon, and Jen and Chris. To pass the time, we've been spending the windless days and evenings playing Scrabble, hanging at the beach and socializing with several other folks who live here part time. Overall we have no complaints really, just big-time wishes for wind!

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