Monday, November 24, 2008

Sun, but still no wind...

Sunday turned into a super warm, CALM day... so needless to say, there was no kitesurfing to be had! Instead, we went out to the jetty, and checked out all the fishermen and their catches. Actually, I found it quite fascinating... the jetty is an amazing structure, built in the 1930's... revamped a few times, but constructed mostly of huge granite blocks. There are two jetties, both of which are almost a mile in length and run parallel to each other to provide the entrance/exit to Brownsville Harbor. The section of water in between is called Dolphin Bay, and yes, we saw dolphins playing!! We also saw pelicans, sea turtles and small sharks, and many other varieties of fish. Very cool! Anyhow, it was a neat way to spend the afternoon. Not sure what's up for today yet... likely no kiting, since it is forecasted to blow a whopping 3mph. Oh well. We're in the sun, not snow, so I'm not complaining!! Cheers.


heather elmo & dunc said...

goodmorning Todd &Cheryle glad you have nice weather tho no wind ,,just think you could behome wading in snow that is as the cheif wouldsay,,snow as high as a tall Indian's ass!!!!! thanks for taking time to blog,, love Duncan,,

heather elmo & dunc said...

So you are playing Scrabble...but are you playing SPANISH Scrabble!?!? hehe

I get Thxgiving Turkey on Friday!!

Hope you are having a great time.

hasta luego,
su hermana

Elmo, Dunkster and Toby said...

Hi guys....hope you made it to Denver. Is there snow in the mtns?
We still don't have snow here.
Miss you guys but hope you are having fun...luv elmo