Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Living it up at Lakeview

We've had a few semi-summer days this past week, and Todd took full advantage of the sunny, windy conditions. He's been riding out at Gull Lake a fair bit, and I think he even got in a session at Sylvan if I'm not mistaken (I was working nights last week and it's mostly a blur... UGH...).

You should check out his blog sometime - Learn Stuff. Yes I'm biased, but all loving aside, he's an amazing athlete and he often writes about his workouts and other activities that help keep him fit and strong. Lately, most of it has been about kiteboarding, which he thoroughly enjoys. Can you tell??

Even though he was wearing girlie-shorts, he still managed to rip it up! Yep, that's my spare harness... good thing it is a little on the large side for me... fits Todd like a glove... hee hee!! He suffered a blowout on his Dakine shorts, which is a little disappointing because that's the second pair that has blown apart in almost the same spot. I think he'll be trying some other brand next time.

Anyway, twelve more sleeps until Maui! Yeah! I'm getting more and more excited by the day!


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