Monday, May 10, 2010

Nothing 'mini' about Lake Minnewanka...

How much fun was today!? Let me tell you!! Todd and I hiked down the Lake Minnewanka Trail to Aylmer Pass Junction - what a beautiful area! I totally didn't expect it to be such a nice outing. The entire time we had awesome views of the lake and surrounding mountains, and if we had started a little earlier, it would have been perfect to finish off with a trip up to the Aylmer Lookout. Next time, for sure!

It felt soooo good to get outside and stretch the legs. We took sandwiches and had a great lunch along the lakeshore, and we explored the LM8 campground and its wildlife. And... the sun shone pretty much the whole day. Yeah!

Not sure what's up for tomorrow - hopefully more of the same! Could it be possible?? Could spring really now be here??


Lake Minnewanka Trail to Aylmer Pass Junction
Time (car to car): 5 hrs
Distance: ~16km
Elevation Gain: ~100m

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