Saturday, May 8, 2010

Winter continues...

We've been in Canmore this past couple of days, and the weather has been extremely disappointing! There is so much snow, at higher elevations, I can hardly believe it! Weird.

And the forecast is for MORE SNOW! Yuck. I was really hoping to get out for some hiking or scrambling and maybe even some rock climbing... but all these things are clearly out of the picture right now. Oh well. We decided instead that a couple of days of skiing might be in order - yeah!! Nothing like several inches of fresh snow and +5C temps!! Sunshine, here we come. That is the plan for Monday and Tuesday.

Last night, we had a fantastic evening with some friends at their groovy new little house - baked salmon was on the dinner menu (yum!) and Jody even made me a birthday cake!! How nice was that!! Of course I got to take the leftovers home with me - mmmmm!! And today, I wandered out east of town for a couple of hours with my camera, where I saw mountain goat after mountain goat after mountain goat... which I have tons of pictures of, so I didn't stop... and then I saw a herd of deer. They were hanging out on a steep, south-facing hillside and didn't seem bothered at all that I was getting closer and closer to them.

Tomorrow, if there is any sort of break in the dreariness whatsoever, I'm going to try to convince Todd to come with me out to an old fire lookout down near Kananaskis Village... or... maybe my friend Toni and a guest will come visit for the day?? *HINT*HINT*  If that is the case, we'll probably head up to Grassi Lakes - that place is beautiful, rain or shine!

At any rate, I'm not at work... so I really shouldn't complain about anything. A so-called "bad" day in the mountains is ALWAYS better than any kind of day at work!!


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