Thursday, July 15, 2010

High Noon on Grotto

Today I finally scrambled Grotto Mountain!! That bad boy has been taunting me ever since we got the place in Canmore, and especially since I see it daily from our back deck. But not anymore - it's been conquered! Heh heh!!

Todd and I took the northwest variation, which comes out of the trees onto the scree below the first summit, and once we were on the ridge we hiked to the true summit. We hung out there only for about twenty minutes, because even though it was 26C in the valley below, it was blustery and a bit chilly up top.


Aside from a minor descent glitch (Todd took off way ahead of me, but then I somehow got off-trail and ended up making it to the car BEFORE he did!!) and the beat-up toes (they were jamming against the ends of my shoes the entire way down), the day was fantastic and the views were amazing!


Not sure what's up for tomorrow - Todd sacked out shortly after supper this evening and probably can not be convinced to go for yet another hike... but we'll see! Temperatures are supposed to be nice again, so I definitely need to be outside.


Grotto Mountain - True Summit
Time (car to car): 6-1/2 hrs
Distance: ~10km
Elevation Gain: 1350m

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Anonymous said...

So,, that is the view from the top ,, all the years I have driven by ,I have wondered what you would view,, now I know,, the square 'hole' picture is neat thanks,now 'enquiring minds' know ! lol,,,,, dunkster,,,,