Saturday, November 12, 2011

First look at NZ....

Well.... I'm here!! Only about 18 hrs after my anticipated ETA... Oh well. Sh*t happens. I'm on vacation so I am NOT complaining!! Hee hee! It's all good!

Wow, Auckland is a gorgeous city! It totally reminds me of Melbourne; lots of cool architecture - older structures but at the same time, unique. The streets are narrow and packed with cars and shops and people - Toni would love it! The landscape is amazing - lush and green with an ocean view in almost every direction! And the people are all super friendly!

The Sky Tower


No this is not a campsite... protesters at City Hall!
Neatest things so far about Auckland:
  • Everybody is soooo laid back!
  • At major intersections downtown, every 5th change, all lights are red and pedestrians can cross in random directions - even diagonally!

  • Flat whites! Hee hee - I learned to love love love these in Australia's coffee shops... imagine my delight when I discovered they are here, too! Yum!!

Mmmmmm my favorite!!

Tomorrow I join the first backpacking group for the hiking tour of the North Island... I am excited! The weather is perfect - about 18C and breezy and everyone has been telling me that this is the best time of year to be here - awesome!

Alright, well I will try to post again next week when I'm back, before I start heading south. Hope all is well back in Canada!!



Anonymous said...

as always lovely pictures,,,,enjoy,,, thanks for taking time to share your blog with us,,love you ,,,dunkster....

Todd Learn said...

Glad to hear you made it to NZ. Hope all is well. Travel safe and have fun!

Todd Learn said...

Glad you made it to NZ. Hope all is well. Travel safe and have fun!