Thursday, November 10, 2011

Layover in YVR...

Ha ha!! How's my luck! I am sooooo darn excited to get to New Zealand... only to land in Vancouver this afternoon and be told that my flight to Auckland is cancelled! D'OH!!!! Apparently there was some damage done to our plane during a windstorm earlier today - as in, there is a hole in the tail piece - so we are not going anywhere tonite!

However, on the bright side, while waiting in line during this debaucle, I met a ton of Kiwi's who are on their way home and are obviously also delayed. Air New Zealand is putting us all up at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport (the most luxurious airport hotel in the world, so they say! and yes, it is pretty posh), so several of us are meeting for supper so we can use up the massive amounts of food and drink vouchers we were given. It is crappy that I'm not somewhere over the Pacific right now, but, I've made some new friends already and the airline is definitely being decent about the issue.

So, I guess I will try again tomorrow!

Never a dull moment in the world of Cheryle, hey!


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