Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Train Time!

I'm in Wellington at the moment, killing time while waiting to get on the ferry to head to the South Island. The last two days have been spent on the train - the Overlander, which runs between Auckland and Wellington. What a cool way to travel! It is like flying in first class, since there is more leg room than you can imagine, plus you can get up and walk around, eat and drink at will, and even step outside for fresh air and to check out the scenery! 

The Overlander

Mt Ruapehu - last erupted in 1995 and again in 1996.

Crossing over a viaduct.

Everything goes by in a blur!

Sheep, sheep, everywhere!

The Raurimu Spiral - a railway engineering feat - google it!

Me - NOT leaning over the viewing platform railing at the moment!!

Have you noticed a theme yet, in the photos.... the theme being GREEN! Yes, the landscape is truly that color.... it is amazing.... like nowhere else I have been! Gorgeous!!

I will be hopping the Coastal Pacific train in Picton tomorrow and taking it to Christchurch, where my next trip begins. I am so excited!!

Well I guess I better get going - it will be a long, cold swim if I miss the boat... LOL!!


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Anonymous said...

wow!!! what a nice color green,,,do not lose those pictures they certainly are excellent,,, thanks for posting ,,love you dunkster.....p,s, don't forget to come home when your done!!! lol,lol,