Saturday, December 3, 2011

Milford Sound

Today I took a bus trip - a very long bus trip - to Milford Sound, where I took a cruise around the sound and out to the sea. It was sunny and warm in Queenstown, but on the other side of the mountain range, the weather was quite different!

This place is nothing like I've ever seen before. The steep, vegetated cliffs of the sound are cool, almost ethereal, and we saw penguins and seals! The day was fantastic and I'm beat... off to bed early tonite!

Eglington Flats

Cirque near Milford Sound

The view after leaving the Homer Tunnel (google it!!).

Tour Boat


Mysterious Milford Sound

Seal Rock

Putting on a show for the spectators.

Seals lounging on... yep you guessed it... Seal Rock!

Sooooo darn cute!!

Milford Sound


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