Monday, December 12, 2011


I'm home now - from New Zealand. Wow. It was the trip of a lifetime, a journey that has truly changed my outlook on life. For me, that place was darn near magical - the surreal landscape, the experiences, and most importantly, the amazing people. Of course the time went by way too fast! And I can't even begin to explain what kind of light bulbs went on for me... oh, and sadly, a few went out, too...  What I can say is, that even though my world is probably in the most upside down state I've ever experienced, I'll be able to hang on until it rights itself again. When, or how, or with whom it is going to happen, I have no idea. So I am just gonna roll with it. It is what it is. Life is good!


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Anonymous said...

glad you are home safe ,,,must have lots of memories,,,,your pics are wonderful especialy on the mountain climb,,,see you in january or whenever thanks again for taking time to fill your blog for us to enjoy,,love you..cheerio,, dunkster,,,,,