Sunday, September 23, 2012


Holy colorful landscape, Batman!

Meadows near Citadel Peak
Today I hiked up to Citadel Pass, and it was damn near a color overload. Seriously, the larches are turning, the fireweed is turning, and the entire area is teeming with fall hues. Wow.

Citadel Pass

Howard Douglas Lake

Citadel Lake

What a spectacular time of year to do this hike - I highly recommend it. And not just because of the vividness of it all, but because there is amazing variety on this 20km return trip.

Below Citadel Pass

Lakes, meadows, trees, peaks, boulders... there was so much to look at and it never got boring. The only thing that was even remotely bothersome was the slight haze, which hung around all day. Apparently there is a fire burning just to the southwest, thus causing the sky to be less than crystal clear.

Hazy today....

....but you can still make out Assiniboine!

We hoofed 'er and managed to finish in about 5-1/2 hours, including picture stops and a lunch break. Not bad, hey! It was a fabulous day!


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Anonymous said...

OH ..OH !!!.....those are colortul pictures BUT winter is on its way ,,lets hope for a long INDIAN SUMMER before the snow shows up,,, one or more of those pics,enlarged , would look nice on the walls of your new CANMORE residece,,,love ya lots,,,dunkster,,