Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sixty Percent Chance of Rain....

That was EnviroCan's forecast yesterday. Wow, have I mentioned lately, how little faith I have in those guys!! Good thing too, otherwise we might have missed out on a most fantastic day of hiking!
First view of Lower Headwall Lake
Don't forget to look back at where we came from!
Upper Headwall Lake
Giant boulder!
Super cool view of the Fortress
Lower Headwall Lake
In spite of the precipitation prediction, and even though there were a few ominous looking clouds, we decided to check out Headwall Lakes yesterday - which turned out to be an incredibly nice trail! The views were gorgeous, the temps were perfect, and we never did get rained on.
Colorful 'shroom
A little waterfall along Headwall Creek
I think this is supposed to be a snow-shoer, but....
A great walk, with great scenery, and best of all, with great company - what more could a girl ask for? It was such an awesome way to spend the day!
This afternoon I have to zip back to Canmore to finish up the condo purchase paperwork, and then... FIVE MORE SLEEPS til the place out there is mine all mine!! Yippeee! Life is so good!

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Anonymous said...

MORE choices of pictures for your CONDO walls,,,that appears to be a great difference in altitude from bottom to top,,,!!,,,cheerio for now,, dunkster.....