Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More September Shenanigans

Ahhhhh, what a week! I took more days off in a row in the last ten than I have in many months... and it was a much-needed break! I had a blast!

The first part of my holidays was spent near water... I learned to wakeboard and kneeboard and took a pretty good thrashing, but it was awesome and I'd love to try it again!


First time wakeboarding! Too fun!


After the watersports adventure, I headed further west and spent some quality time with the girls on the beloved BC terra firma.  Monique, Megan and I hung out in the Kootenays and had an amazing time!


And you are never gonna believe this... but we saw 54-40, live, in Golden!! Seriously!! It was one of the best shows I've seen - they kicked ass and the evening was fantastic!
54-40.... O.M.G.!!
Love you guys!!

My time not spent at work was wicked good! I need to do it more often I think! Oh yeah, and one more tidbit of exciting information.... well at least I am excited about it, anyhow.... LOL!! I bought myself a little place in Canmore.... Yep, I finally did it! The possession date is set for October 5th, which will not get here soon enough. For now, I am keeping my house in Red Deer, and I'll be keeping my job there too. No such luck at the moment that I could move to Canmore full-time... but I can always dream!

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Anonymous said...

nice time off,, AND nice purchase in Canmore..that will occupy some of your free time,,and such a nice place to be a part of,,,now you will have to go to work to shore up your financial position,,very HAPPY FOR YOU,, LOVE YA LOTS,,CHEERIO,,dunkster,,,