Sunday, April 7, 2013


Today we went out to the Molokini Crater... it was a fantastic day! The tour company we went with was Four Winds, and honestly, the boat's crew totally made the trip! From the laughs to the food to the fun facts.... all of the guys were amazing!

Early morning at the marina - checking in at 6:45am!

It's not exactly a 'secret spot'....

Wheeeeee!! Toni exits the boat via the water slide!

Do not touch!

On the way back to the harbor, we were super fortunate and saw whales and sea turtles....

A momma and her very young calf, and the escort whale.
Note that these guys surprised us by surfacing sooooo close to
the boat - my camera is NOT zoomed in, at all!! Extremely cool!

LOVE the sea turtles!!

The crater has such interesting history, not to mention fabulous snorkeling, and the day was great! Oh yeah, and it was +28C yet AGAIN.... I've been hearing winter horror stories from back home.... yikes....

Hope all is well with everybody!


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful area to snorkle in ,,,hard to beleive there are such wonderful places such as they are !,,,,cheerio for now dunkster,,,