Friday, November 8, 2013

Geeeeze, Louise!!

The Lake Louise ski hill opened for the season today! With 'open' being a very loose term.... There was only one chairlift running and basically only one run available to ski on (they did advertise it as two, since technically it was two different runs that linked together - clever!).

Popular place!

It was super busy, but it was still alot of fun! And if nothing else, skating and skidding down the windblown crud at mach speed (my mach speed, anyhow!) reinforced my decision to retire my old Black Diamonds and advance to some new downhill technology. Let the ski shopping begin!

Out with the old.....

We had a really great day, and I am now extremely excited for more snow! I'm excited for alot of things actually - life is GOOD!


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Anonymous said...

looks like you were only 1 of many for first day opening,,better keep the OLD skis for rocky days and new ones for great snow conditions,,have a great day,,cheerio for now,,love ya lots,,dunkster,,,,,