Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gobble Gobble!!

I can do anything for an hour, right!!? LOL! Well that's how my Sister sold it to me... a 10km run... on a sunny, beautiful Arizona morning... that's only 6.2 short miles... someone even does it in a full-on turkey suit... and I agreed!

I do need to clarify that I am NOT a runner. On purpose, I have not run for more than a few minutes at a time, in years. Like I'm thinking high school track and field was perhaps the last time I made the conscious effort to move quicker than a brisk walking pace.

So, when I told Heather that I was coming for a Thanksgiving visit, and she told me that I was signed up for the annual Turkey Trot, it was too late to cancel my plane ticket and I resolved myself to just suck it up.


Almost half way!

Mile 5 - now on the home stretch! Check
out the guy WALKING..... Pffft!

The end is near....

And the winner is.....

My Sister IS a runner, a very accomplished one, and she graciously dialed down her pace and ran the entire way with me (I did in fact run the whole distance, no walking). We chatted and laughed and enjoyed the sunshine, and when we were within yards of the finish line, I did what any appreciative sibling would do - I broke into a sprint and crossed just one second ahead of her! Yep, I beat her. LOL!

Tomorrow we are heading out to the mountains for a hike, which is definitely more my style. I did have fun today however and am seriously considering making this an annual tradition. Because yes, I can do almost anything for an hour.... especially if it's only for one hour per year!


Love my Sista!!

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Anonymous said...

VERY NICE AND INTERESTING BLOG,,BUT YOU MUST ADMIT,,RUNNING ON flatland and sand is easier than mountains and rock,,nice that you could run the entire distnce TOGETHER,,,WHAT IS IT LIKE TO RUN WITH A PROFESHIONAL RUNNER?,,very exciting I would think..cheerio for now,,,dunkster,,,remember,you are a long distance runner,,,you came from a long distance ,to enter the event,,,,,,