Monday, January 20, 2014

Nothing but blue skies!

**SIGH**  More of the same....  Just hangin' out in the mountains....  Life's rough, hey!!

Haven't seen a cloud in days!

Dog park fun with Neve!

An ice carving, of a snowboarder, carving! Clever.

Two of my very good friends....

..... who are 'in heart' with each other! Woot!!

Blue is becoming my favorite color!

Well, it's back to reality tomorrow. And by reality, I mean work. But it has been a fantastic long weekend - thanks again to Jody, Megan, Caroline and Tim!! It's hard to believe with this fabulous weather that it is January - wow - so get out and enjoy it while you can!!


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Anonymous said...

NICE pictures looks like a nice warm day to be outside,,pretty soon no more long week ends,,just REALLY LOONG WEEKS to enjoy the area,,,cheerio for now love ya lots ,,dunkster....