Friday, January 31, 2014

Old is New

Here I sit, at 3:00am, desperately trying to stay awake. Why on earth?? you ask.... Well, I only have a few more hours to go and I'll be finished my second nightshift. That's right - nightshift.  As I've mentioned, I am returning to my operating job very shortly, and this week my fellow Ops were kind enough to call me out for some overtime. You know.... to help "ease me back into it"....  LOL!

My work space for the past three years.

Surprisingly chipper (and alert!) for the middle of the night!

I'm happy to be doing something new.... er, I mean old.... er, I guess just different. It will be a great change, getting back on the tools, and even though I'll miss having my very own office, there is something to be said for showing up for a shift, doing what needs to be done, and going home.... and not taking any of it with you when you leave! The biggest challenge is definitely going to be getting accustomed to nightshifts again. But I'm sure I will manage!



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Anonymous said...

NICE picture of you at 3 AM,,glad you like your new/old job,,they say a change is as good as a rest,,,,cheerio for now love ya lots,,,dunkster....