Monday, February 3, 2014

Chillin' in the chilliness.....

Brrrrrrr. What a weekend. That's pretty much all I have to say about that!! LOL! It's been such strange weather as of late - extreme cold temps and a ton of snow, then we were teased with a brief stretch of summer-like days, and now it's wind, wind and more wind.... and of course back to harsh chilliness but this time without any snow. Oy.

Anyway, in the spirit of making the best of things, we had a chill weekend (no pun intended!). It consisted of staying up late, sleeping late, leisurely wandering around Banff and Lake Louise, eating out every day (now that's lazy - but I loved it!!), and even watching some of that horrid thrashing of a game called the Super Bowl.

Chris took this one.... catching Cascade's reflection in
the hood was not his intention, but I thought it was cool!

Distracted driving??!

Lake Louise

We did manage to get out for a short hike on Sunday, around the Upper K Lake. The skies were clear and there wasn't much wind along the lakeshore, but we could still feel winter biting through the layers. The fresh air and exercise did feel really good however!

Almost looks like a postcard!

I think we'd both rather be skiing.... and I've secretly been doing a snow dance daily, in hopes of fresh white stuff for the hills.... LOL.... but you can't do much about Mother Nature. She's got her plan, and we have no choice but to roll with it.

This week I officially start back onto shift within my operating unit, so it will be nothing but working and sleeping for me from now until Friday. The good news is, only four more sleeps til we get to be back on mountain time! I can handle that!!


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Anonymous said... do you get a weekend off after only 4 days ??,anyhow that is great,,weather should be better next week,,,enjoy your work days,,,cheerio for now love ya lots,,dunkster,,,,