Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Makin' the best of it!

The beautiful Rockies are finally getting the luscious snow that they deserve! And thinking that it might be incredibly busy at the hill yesterday (Family Day holiday), we got our butts in gear extra early and were on the road to the pow by 7:30am. As we were cruising along just west of Banff, approaching the exit to Sunshine, an executive decision was made to keep driving.... to Lake Louise.

And a most excellent decision it was!

Sun! Yay! No sad faces here!

New boards - love 'em!

Powder galore.

What a day! Overall, Louise hasn't had quite as much snowfall as Sunshine, but they did get dumped on this week. We were on the gondola shortly after 9:00am and ripped up the fresh whiteness right until the lifts closed. Oh, and we may have had some lunch and a beer in there somewhere too.... LOL!!

It was a fantastic weekend, and I'm stoked about the forecast for more, more, more snow in the mountains! Yeah! Life's so good!


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Anonymous said...

Well,,there is always a reward for "going that extra mile "you always make the RIGHT decisions,,,sure looked like a nice day,,cheerio for now,,love ya lots,,,dunkster,,,,,