Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's been two, maybe three weeks since we've been out skiing. Lately, the conditions have been marginal and deteriorating - throughout January, the weather was horribly windy and cold, and there was very little snow. I was speculative about how the season was shaping up - until this week that is. Sunshine got over two feet of the beautiful white stuff in the past seven days, and the thermometer soared to a balmy -4 degrees C.... So we hit the hill super early on Friday and enjoyed a most glorious day!

Check out all the snow!

Fat ski fun!!

EnviroCan says the snow is going to continue all weekend, so we are heading out again tomorrow - I'm so looking forward to it!


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Anonymous said...

I take you are on the rest of your week off your schedule must be written in ARABIC because I do not understand it,,well,,that really is not important as long as you do ,,lol,,don't damage your new skis by traveling on thin snow,,,have fun, ,love ya lots,,,dunkster,,,,