Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Be Kind

Sometimes, the smallest gestures can make the largest impact.

Like earlier this week, when I received two fantastic micro-bursts of sunshine... one from a complete stranger, and one from someone very close to me. Both were surprises, and both made my day!

Exerpt from a message from one of my blog readers!! How exciting!

It was so fun to get this in the mail - and I must say, the rest
of the note was pretty great too!

I don't know if most people realize the value of making another person feel valued, even if it is just by taking a few minutes to make a phone call or to send a quick email or to write a simple little love note. I know that I was certainly reminded of the value - and I am so grateful for being on the receiving end of these random acts of kindness. I will be sure to pay it forward!



Anonymous said...

SEE,,,I TOLD YOU MORE PEOPLE THAN ME READ YOUR BLOG,,,that is a very nice reply from someone else whom appreciates your descriptive narations of your journies,,you must be very THRILLED BY THIS ,cheerio for now love ya lots,,,dunkster,,,

Alexandra said...

I truly enjoyed reading this special post! It made me feel warm and fuzzy all over. Thank you for sharing what you experienced with us. It was a double the pleasure day for you.